Smart Home


Comfort and security increase, as well as the environmental sustainability of the building. What makes this possible is home automation technology, the new ‘must-have’ for homes that allows you to manage every automation with a few (or just one) devices, even remotely.

The 2023 edition of IFA, the Berlin fair representing the global stage for major innovations in electronic technology, has just concluded. It is the privileged forum for leading companies in the industry, which this year focused the spotlight – and investments – on the theme of home automation and artificial intelligence applied to home automation.

An expanding sector that has increased its appeal in recent years not only in terms of potential and applications but also in terms of economic accessibility to automation systems that, until not long ago, were exclusive to luxury homes.
With increasingly smart appliances and the ability to easily connect them to digital assistants like Google Home, the home has improved its “user experience,” with the advantage of controlling any automation with a single touch or voice command.

Today, innovations aim to transform this connectivity into interconnectivity, through highly compatible technologies that promise to control every appliance from a single management system, facilitating direct communication between the same home automation system and photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, and, secondarily, energy providers. The goal? Greater energy efficiency and the optimization of home consumption, for a more sustainable and cheaper home management.

Home automation comfort, starting from doors and windows

Given these prospects, it’s not surprising that already today, in residential design, the electronic component represents a cornerstone to be considered in the development of every domestic environment, even in those traditionally considered ‘service’ areas, where it can increase practicality and using comfort.

The same technology applies to garage door systems, fully managed via smartphone – eliminating the need to carry a remote control. This allows you to always monitor the status of the garage door, so you can control its opening and closing from anywhere, at any time.


The first Breda-branded drive motor, allowing you to manage every automation of your sectional garage door conveniently through a mobile app. Inside a small box, elegant, and discreet enclosure, Ultra Motion packs all the power with 800 or 1200 Newtons, enabling the garage door to lift at a speed of up to 25 centimetres per second. Thanks to the integrated WiFi and the app compatible with Android and iOS devices, you can monitor the real-time status of all your doors, set a customized percentage of opening, allow the lifting or lowering of the panels, as well as control the LED lighting, all with a simple “tap”.


IoT that protects Your Home

Energy efficiency, comfort, but above all, safety. Talking about home automation, property protection is one of the main advantages because it can prevent burglary attempts with quick activations that safe the house and alert in real-time owners and emergency contacts.

We are, of course, talking about anti-theft systems with perimeter sensors, alarm devices, and video surveillance, which today are combined with specific implementations for entrances and fixtures, such as motorized automatic locks that intervene to secure the closure when tampering attempts are detected, making every access nearly impenetrable.
For garage doors – often targeted by wrongdoers – these devices are represented by motors with lifting-proof locks that apply a reverse force equal to 300 kilograms and can also be equipped with audible alarms.

To prevent unauthorized access, the modern garage doors are equipped with opening systems that can only be used by authorized individuals. These include remote controls with a numeric keypad, which allow the lifting of the panels with the correct code, or even devices with biometric recognition. This technology is widely used, especially for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which identify the saved fingerprint identification and grant permission to manage the closure.


For an increasingly safe use of its sectional doors, Breda has introduced an innovative wireless biometric recognition system that allows you to open motorized garage doors with a touch. The four-channel device has a transmission range of up to 50 meters and can recognize up to 80 fingerprints, preventing activation with unauthorized prints. This ensures the best protection for the home and its residents.