Inclusive Design


Improving the accessibility of a building also means enhancing its comfort and usability for everyone, not just for people with disabilities. This is now an indispensable requirement for public and welcoming places, bringing lasting benefits even in the domestic environment

When talking about accessible design, it is not unusual to think of spaces furnished with special aids, designed to make the space easily usable by people with disabilities, but at the same time often neglected in aesthetics. An approach to design that is now widely surpassed and has given way to innovative, elegant, and universally usable solutions, in an inclusive and no longer exclusive manner.

The most appropriate term is “transparent accessibility,” which refers to the rules of universal design, where accessibility is present but not visible, because it is perfectly integrated within environments free of architectural barriers. Comfortable spaces for everyone and absolutely pleasant from an aesthetic point of view.

And if in public spaces – such as offices and commercial establishments, but also restaurants and accommodation facilities – the need to create environments capable of welcoming everyone is fundamental to ensure the right to full mobility, within the home this aspect might seem, at first glance, less urgent. However, a few precise adjustments are enough to make even the home truly inclusive for its guests, as well as more comfortable for those who live there.

Accessible home, always welcoming

In designing and furnishing one’s home, accessibility is not always considered a priority, but it can make a difference in the long run, when a barrier-free design becomes the fundamental element to continue living freely and with the usual comfort.

Just think of how the way of approaching domestic spaces changes when suffering a minor temporary injury, but also with the arrival of children or in old age. An inclusive design is therefore not reserved only for people with disabilities, but for anyone who needs different mobility.

Hence, the dimensions of doors and passageways become central, as well as the placement of steps, electrical outlets, and switches. A well-organized and barrier-free configuration ensures a basic level of accessibility that can then, if needed, be easily enhanced with the right furnishings: integrated or retractable elements, such as grab bars, seating, and more, that facilitate domestic life.


In sectional doors, the pedestrian door is an additional comfort that allows the passage of people – and of small vehicles, such as bicycles and scooters – without the need to lift the closure panels. Breda models are also available in the version with a lowered threshold that eliminates the presence of the traditional plinth to create a uniform walking surface free of barriers. Greater accessibility but also safety, thanks to the lock with four points of closure that can be activated with a simple gesture.


Custom comfort, with integrated home automation

Home automation applications also meet accessibility needs by allowing easy management of home automations: from lighting to adjusting curtains and blinds, to opening windows, doors, and gates. Thanks to activation via remote control, smartphone, and voice commands, these systems enable automatic initiation of actions that require specific skills, thus making them accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, these management systems can be customized to meet the needs of people with sensory disabilities, by setting – for example – a specific blinking of lights when the doorbell is activated, allowing even people who are deaf to perceive it. Simple implementations that make a big difference.


Integrated into the home Wi-Fi, the new Ultra Motion motor by Breda allows you to manage the opening and closing of the gate directly through your smartphone in a totally personalized way. From the main screen, it is possible to view in real time the status of the garage door, set the desired opening percentage, order the lifting or lowering of the panels, as well as turning the LED lighting on and off; all also remotely and for multiple closures simultaneously. And until April 30, 2024, choosing Breda automations also means taking advantage of an additional benefit: an exclusive 5% discount on the price of every sectional door (accessories excluded) equipped with the new and elegant Ultra Motion or Ultra Lift motors.