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One of the best European producer of insulated doors

Company Breda Sistemi Industriali works in the construction sector both in residential and industrial with its premises in Sequals (Pordenone – Italy) and is one of the first companies for the Italian and the international market in the production of sectional doors which is an extremely functional product compared to the usual up-and-over garage door.

The sectional doors, in fact, are characterized by the vertical opening and the sliding system close to the wall above the opening or, as alternative, by the opening with side sliding with the final positioning in parallel to the ceiling. When opened, sectional doors are the ideal solution because they use a space that is normally unused, leaving free all the useful area around the door.

To the vast range of sectional doors for houses and factories we add the up-and-over garage doors which allow the company to complete the offer and to satisfy any request of closing.

Markets and Company

Breda Sistemi Industriali is present with his widespread sales network all over the country, where it is the undisputed point of reference for this sector. The export share in the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa is significant and constantly growing: the latter areas, in strong expansion thanks to a demand for quality and Italian design that Breda meets with competence and service.

The supply of closing for the residential field represents the 70% of the whole company’s turnover, while the remaining 30% is due to the industrial field.
The company, whose facilities extend over a total area of about 60,000 square meters, of which 16,000 are covered, has a total of 140 employees, 110 in the production department and about 30 in the office area. It is very important the occupational effect in the area considering that the workforce of the company is almost entirely made up of staff resident in the area.

Great attention and development of human resources, that are the flagship in Breda Sistemi Industriali: staff is constantly engaged in training and professional updating courses in what can be defined as the “gym” of the company.

The production department has also been built on the most innovative solutions to provide workplace well-being such as special floor heating system and other technical equipment solutions to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.


The origins and the new production plant

Breda Sistemi Industriali was born in 1986 at Istrago di Spilimbergo (Pordenone) with the aim of introducing into the Italian market a completely unknown product: the sectional door.

The Pordenone company’s business was devoted to finding the various components of the door on the markets of northern Europe, where the product was already widespread and known, and to their subsequent assembly by creating customized solutions.

Over the next few years, thanks to important investments in Research & Development, Breda Sistemi Industriali began to equip itself with machines designed to reduce assembly costs and progressively began to design and fully realize all the components that before were found on external markets.
1996 saw the birth of Sicom, a company owned by Breda Sistemi Industriali, which sells components for the construction of sectional doors only to the foreign market.

The increase in production volumes leads to the construction of the new premises in Sequals (Pordenone). In 2001, at the same time as the new plant was established, the company changed its trade name in S.p.A. (Società per Azioni) and an industrialization plan for the entire production process is initiated with the introduction of very sophisticated machineries and systems.

New products

The internal growth of the R & D component, aimed at simplifying and improving the production and quality cycles, pushes Breda Sistemi Industriali to formalize its vocation for total quality by adopting, in 2003, the ISO 9001 System, in 2005 the ISO 14001 System and obtaining the CE marking.

In 2007, the company acquired from Bremet Brevetti Metecno, a company in Spilimbergo, the factory for a total area of approximately 85,000 square meters, together with a branch of business, and laid the foundations for the birth of Bremet Srl Chiusure Tecniche, a company now fully controlled by Breda Sistemi Industriali.

A year later, the company’s headquarters expanded to Sequals with a further 4700 square meters.

In the range of products offered by the company we also find the folding door, exclusively used in the industrial field, for which, in 2009, a dedicated production line was set up inside the company.

Dating from the 2009 the company introduced in the market the up-and-over garage doors, an alternative to the sectional door that in 2014 the company expanded by developing the model Swing, the up-and-over garage doors with counterweight that combines the versatility of a sectional door with a unique customizable style.

Near forty years after its birth, today Breda represents a solid company of the regional and national industrial landscape, a company that has constantly been able to innovate and propose to the market closing solutions that stand out for solidity, safety and aesthetics expressing the real value of production all “Made in Italy”.


quality, safety and aesthetic care.

From design to checking tests, quality is the goal

Breda Sistemi Industriali is synonymous of quality, safety and aesthetic care.

Both for residential and industrial doors, each piece is the result of a highly qualified production process: from design, carried out with high standard of information technology, to the checking tests for each piece in order to verify, analyse and ensure quality and safety.

Each door is marked by a reference serial number that allows Breda Sistemi Industriali to go back to features and story of the door.

The production of Breda Sistemi Industriali has a highly competitive price/quality ratio.

Tailor made solutions for the clients

Over the years considerable investments have been made in the automation field that allows the company to reduce production costs compared to competitors, ensuring high flexibility at the design phase and offering tailor-made solutions.

Also, sales arguments are very different compared to competitors, in particular the German one, which has highly standardized products in sizes and finishing.

The flexible and customer-oriented policy of Breda Sistemi Industriali has resulted in strong customer loyalty over the years.

The involvement of the sales network, considered as part of the company, is evident. Today there are more than one hundred authorized retailers in Europe.