Oversized Garage, Extra Large Doors


A wide access to the garage is definitely an advantage in terms of space and practicality, but at the same time it requires adequate closures to meet its needs. Just like in a company, at home industrial doors – sectional and folding – prove to be an effective and elegant solution for the most original uses of one’s garage

One of the most common aspects regarding garage doors is that of space. In most cases, in fact, one has to deal with environments of limited size – such as in small villas or condominium boxes – which require smart solutions, capable of maximizing the available square footage and therefore the functionality of the garage.

When the scenario is the opposite, the demand shifts towards doors capable of reaching very large dimensions, while at the same time ensuring safety, ease of handling, versatility, and – not least – an elegant design, perfectly integrated into the aesthetics of the building.

In this sense, industrial doors, sectional and folding, come to the rescue. Closures designed particularly for the needs of the working world, but absolutely flexible and perfectly integrable also in domestic contexts, where they offer maximum practicality and a refined style.

Even more space and durability with industrial sectional doors

For enthusiasts and collectors of two and four wheels, the garage is not just a place to store their vehicles, but also a space where they can be displayed and – why not – where they can be maintained, just like a small showroom.
It is therefore essential to create wide and comfortable accesses for the passage of cars, as well as possible equipment and, naturally, people.

In this case, industrial sectional doors allow to enjoy all the elegance and vertical sliding technology of a residential door, but with considerable dimensions in height and width. The options are among the most functional, ranging from pedestrian doors to glazed sections (including darkening) that ensure great brightness inside the garage, up to home automation systems manageable via smartphone.

And for models signed by Breda, aesthetics is also an essential factor: the door becomes a design element thanks to trendy finishes and precious LED lighting that enriches the door’s profile and illuminates its coat even in the evening.


Secura is the sectional door by Breda designed to adapt to every context, solving any closure need. With insulated galvanized steel panels, Secura is equipped with different sliding systems, depending on the installation features: lowered, inclined, totally vertical or even custom.
Customization is maximal, with pedestrian doors, portholes, skylights, ventilation grills, and security locks. Not only, Secura can also be equipped with the innovative Frost setup that optimizes thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to a special internal coating of the coat and seals that seal the perimeter of the door.


From warehouse to hangar, no project is too big for folding doors

But garages and storage spaces are not always dedicated to automobiles, but also to larger vehicles that require even more space. This is the case with agricultural machinery, not hard to find in country homes with large lands, as well as vans and equipment that concern buildings that encompass both living and working spaces, such as mechanical workshops and small family-run shops.
There are also more original cases linked to the luxury world, where the home garage transforms into a real “hangar” in which to store one’s boat during the winter period, or even a private helicopter.

Therefore, folding doors prove to be the ideal option, thanks to their sliding configuration or folding and stackable doors, which allows the door to reach considerable sizes, while maintaining ease and safety in opening.
Moreover, these models are easily installable and adaptable to any architectural context, proving to be truly versatile also from an aesthetic point of view. A true all-rounder equipped with practical automations and functional accessories like portholes, pedestrian doors, and ventilation grids.


The folding door Adone by Breda is the ideal solution for large industrial and domestic closures.
Hanging and without ground guides, this model has an aluminum frame consisting of lateral posts and a top crossbar. The double sliding guides and the 30-millimeter doors are made of galvanized steel and can be manufactured in a blind version or with partial or full-height windows in the door.
Easy to install, Adone allows for maximum use of available space: this thanks to the ability to fold the doors up to 180°, using the side stacking in 2, 3, and 4 modules, in simple or double packing. While aesthetics are always refined thanks to the many customization options of the accessories and color.