designed for durability
Progettazione Portoni Breda

Each door of Breda Sistemi Industriali is different, from the planning to the exclusive customization.

The great strength of company products is the ability to solve the problems of architectural adaptability of each home as well as the convenience needs.

The door is customized starting from the planning, using high standard data processing technology in accordance with the existing regulations, with its own serial number, in order to be able to follow the customer in the assistance, after having always perfect knowledge of the whole process, from the planning to the installation.

The particular aesthetic of a Breda Sistemi Industriali door is never depending to the house structure: the sliding system is adapted to the roof inclination leaving the style of the door unchanged.

This feature allows uniformity to all doors with an aesthetic advantage.



Breda Industrial Systems has a great goal: the maximum customer satisfaction.

This is the way forwarded by the company that over the years has structured and strengthened a highly selected and professional sales network in order to satisfy the customer needs promptly.

The highest capillary in the area ensures a fast and competent service, directly at home.

Dealers and retailers selected by Breda Sistemi Industriali are among the most experienced and qualified on the market, both commercially and technically: thanks to constant updating, the sales network training is careful and efficient. The company organizes commercial and technical training courses, installation courses for installers and after-sale maintenance courses: Breda Sistemi Industriali cares about their updating with the aim of providing the sales network with constant and sharp information on product progress and carried out improvements.