Le Perle Metal Jewels

Designing space… timeless


If the flow of time, as we conceive it, is marked by the passing of days, what marks the rhythms in the world of furnishings is instead the succession of ideas, trends and styles in continuous evolution.
There are, however, realizations that can stop the hands of design: projects that do not age, but rather continually renew their aesthetic, environmental and economic value.

In an increasingly dynamic context, in which modes multiply with extreme rapidity, durability represents the characteristic that distinguishes and enhances design.

It is not just about the search for innovative solutions that respond to present and future needs, but also a careful analysis of design elements that over the years have been able to achieve the greatest success, becoming icons of timeless beauty.

A combination of aesthetics and technology made to last, and not just in style. The need for a more sustainable approach to the furnishings and architecture sector puts a new emphasis on the importance of material selection, necessarily long-lasting and recyclable at the end of their life, to become something new.

So how do we achieve this result in the home environment? Which solutions, complements and finishes should we choose to ensure always contemporary effects?

Minimal style, maximum yield

Less is more. The elixir of long life for design – and not only – proves to be again the essence. A true golden rule that continues to inspire design at all latitudes, allowing it to challenge the test of time.

Clean lines, careful details and neutral colors give the home a modern and elegant allure that demonstrates all its effectiveness both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Inside, simple and bright furnishings allow for the creation of a refined idea of comfort, to which we can match original and colorful pieces; outside, instead, facades and envelopes privilege essential geometries, giving rise to discreet structures and in harmony with the natural context.

A result to which the choice of fixtures and, in particular, the garage door, also makes a decisive contribution. Representing one of the largest openings in the house – and therefore one of the most visible – the gate requires special attention during the design phase, with custom solutions that propose clean forms, smooth panels and tailor-made finishes. Combined or contrasting nuances then allow to create a game of contrasts, or to integrate the door with the surrounding environment, both in terms of color and material.


Among the most popular models in the Breda range of gates, Persus conquers with its minimal, symmetrical and versatile design. A true example of elegance and precision that allows for very wide possibilities of customization, proving impeccable in any residential context.
In addition to style, Persus also guarantees great solidity and comfort, thanks to a galvanized steel structure insulated and fully automated management.


Materials resistant to (bad) weather

The key to a always current realization is also the durability and quality of the materials, to be carefully selected, especially for outdoor use.
Exposure to weather conditions such as cold temperatures, intensity of sunlight, humidity or frequent precipitation can affect the performance and appearance of furnishings, causing them to age more quickly.

In the outdoor environment, aluminum and steel are the perfect solutions for preserving the color, brightness and integrity of structures such as garage doors.
Both, in fact, ensure excellent performance against rust, corrosive agents and damage from bad weather, proving to be particularly suitable also in marine environments, where the quality of treatments is able to reduce the impact of salt and UV rays.


The coating created by Breda allows you to combine all the solidity of a steel gate with the warmth of wood. In addition to simulating the porosity and tactile sensation of this material in every way, the Ultra Touch finish is extremely resistant to atmospheric agents, wear and other aggressive agents that can deteriorate any coated panel.
Available in three color variants and in the Cement and Rusty version, Ultra Touch also enjoys a ten-year guarantee against corrosion, bleaching and flaking of the sheet metal.


Furthermore, today aluminum and steel panels can be customized in the preferred colors, and offer the possibility of recreating particular finishes, thanks to special hot-applied paints that emulate the most diverse textures.

But the passage of time is not always a negative element. For raw materials such as iron and copper, the passing of the years allows their beauty to be renewed, with an extraordinary antique effect, obtained precisely through the action of atmospheric agents. A double advantage in terms of maintenance but also of aesthetic yield, absolutely refined and characterizing.


The Metal Jewels collection by Breda is designed to customize the closure of one’s home with the suggestive light games and contrasts of the most diverse metal finishes. Shiny, satin or porcelain steel, but also copper and “rusted” iron that, thanks to a completely natural antique appearance, allows Breda doors to offer a precious and always different mantle that does not fear the passing of time.