Garage lounge


In the world of engines, sports cars represent much more than a means of transport: they are passion, luxury, authentic status symbol. That’s why in showrooms as at home they need an elegant and coordinated environment where they can show them off at their best and in complete safety

Increasingly distant from the idea of the traditional showroom, automotive showrooms – linked to luxury brands, but not only – are orienting the design of their spaces towards cozy lounge studio, where you can admire an exhibition of selected models, offering the customer a real experience, not necessarily linked to the sale.

On the other hand, in residential spaces, collectors and enthusiasts confirm a growing attention to the garage space: no longer relevance, but environment totally integrated to the house, so much so as to become an element „exposed“ that allows cars to furnish corridors, outdoor spaces and, in the most particular cases, even the living room.

But if it is true that luxury cars are often used as design installations, for those who want to enjoy them on the road, functional locking systems are necessary and able to perfectly match the style of the building, as well as that of your personal fleet.

Experiential showroom, absolutely practical

Experimental, aggregation and sharing place, like an elegant club of fans – of engines, in this case. In recent years, the dealerships have evolved from simple showrooms to innovative boutiques, which – not surprisingly – arise in the most „in“ of the city, as happens for the Mercedes ateliers on the Parisian Champs Elysees, or for Audi and its cyberstore in the central Piccadilly Circus in London.

In these spaces, every detail is designed to involve visitors in a unique and immersive experience, giving great emphasis to a few selected models, and giving utmost importance to the brand through a consistent storytelling also in the choices of furniture and functional details, such as locking systems.

The doors can in fact be integrated and enhance the exposure through two sophisticated solutions. In the first case, the sectionals with transparent panels serve both as access for cars and as a showcase, to be able to customize with blackout and iridescent finishes, or with logos and drawings made with care through laser cutting technology.

A second option is to choose closures combined with the colors of the brand, or the top automotive model. The most sought-after installations can in fact make use of doors with totally customized surfaces, with custom graphics that become important advertising and visibility tools.


Available in many trendy finishes and totally tailor-made RAL colours, Breda sectional doors also offer the possibility of creating unique surfaces through custom designs or precious materials. This is the Le Perle collection, design closures ranging from copper to precious wood, from sandstone to slate, up to mosaics, fabrics and compositions sealed under resin. Authentic works of art perfect for creating creative installations or to match the door to the refined style of each exhibition space.


Open and always protected garage

Even at home, collectible cars deserve to be exhibited at their best, reserving them a sophisticated and valorizing environment. This is why often, if not used, these become the protagonists of indoor spaces, acting as furnishing elements, just like the most sought after design objects.

But among the new trends of the interior, today there are also visible garages. Garages integrated into the house and made visible from the living room or from the environments of passage through large windows that allow you to admire at any time the supercars parked there and ready to use. In this case, the finishes and furnishings of the garage are of course to be chosen carefully, to match in an ideal way the allure of the house.

An attention that is also reflected on the door that, in addition to a refined mantle and attention to detail – both outside and inside -, must also ensure maximum security against any attempts at intrusion, to surround without fear the cars and the contents of the house. Therefore, steel sectional doors are ideal: robust, insulated and customizable with precious finishes, but also with advanced burglary and alarm systems.


In Breda sectional doors, the anti-burglary tranquility is guaranteed by the SLB engine, enriched with the most innovative and discreet plug-ins that increase safety and effectiveness. Like Lock, the magnetic anti-burglary block that, in case of attempted opening, blocks the door panels with an opposing force of 300 kilos, and Buzzer, the alarm that emits a strong acoustic signal with the aim of eliminating the attackers.