The natural home


Domestic spaces borrow suggestions from the open air, to create well-being and promote truly circular design, starting from the materials chosen: resistant, durable and reversible

Inspiration comes from the natural world, with spaces increasingly open to the outside and furnishings designed to reproduce the sensations of relaxing and welcoming landscapes, thanks to a careful combination of earthy colors, „live“ finishes and materials with different textures.
The new 2022 trends for the home bring the domestic sphere back to a dimension of maximum comfort, which favors the psychophysical well-being of those who live there through a truly conscious and sustainable reconnection with nature.

And it is precisely sustainability that becomes the central nucleus of design, around which every design choice revolves; first and foremost the choice of materials. Resistance, durability, but also low impact and total reversibility: the home imitates the environment, aiming for full circularity of each architectural and furnishing element.


The extraordinary simplicity of wood

With versatility that enhances any style, wood is the natural material par excellence, able to give the home a warm and timeless atmosphere, but also to ensure a virtuous cycle of use, from production to disposal.

In fact, wood allows to limit the greenhouse effect, as it can store more than a ton of CO2 per square meter internally. This capacity is more developed in young trees, which are constantly replanted within certified forests, replacing mature plants. Once its function is finished, wood is decomposed, or burned to create new energy, releasing the same amount of carbon dioxide previously stored in the atmosphere and thus closing its life cycle with zero environmental impact.

Wooden sectional doors

Ductile, yet at the same time resistant, wood offers high performance both in indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to special waterproof, non-toxic and non-polluting treatments. Finally, this extraordinary material provides effective thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as improving air quality. Its porosity characteristics allow it to accumulate heat before transmitting it – lowering thermal conductivity – and allow it to absorb the humidity of the environment, only to release it again when it becomes too dry.

Today, wood is the protagonist of design projects with a simple and bright appearance that refers to Nordic atmospheres, characterized by minimal lines and light colors. Not only furniture and furnishings, wood returns to decorate windows, doors, worktops and entire walls, creating continuity between indoor and outdoor design choices.


For its collection of sectional doors, Breda chooses the quality of Okumè, a precious wood from equatorial Africa, mainly used in the naval sector for its effectiveness and solidity.
What makes this noble material even more precious are the panel processing, available in smooth, box and with horizontal or vertical milling. The brightness of the coat is then guaranteed by the application of a coat of impregnating paint and two coats of finish: all natural and water-based products, to reduce the use of harmful agents and protect the health of man and the environment.



Stone and steel. Between natural and artificial, in a sustainable way

The combination of natural stone and steel is very charming, a must in contemporary architecture, made even more interesting by the use of neutral colors and contrasting combinations to highlight the brightness of raw materials such as marble, slate, granite and sandstone.

Usually used for the furnishing of kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, these suggestive finishes are also moving outside today, taking advantage of their veins to give character to the envelope of the house and to innovative open air relaxation areas.
The result is a combination of elegance and modernity, where stone and steel dialog in perfect harmony, united by the same characteristics of resistance and sustainability.

Both materials, in fact, offer extremely high performance against damage caused by fire and atmospheric agents, being particularly solid and durable. These are also easily separable at the end of their life to be recovered or recycled: it is not by chance that steel and natural stone are recyclable one hundred percent and an infinite number of times, without ever losing their intrinsic characteristics.


Breda’s „Le Perle“ line of sectional doors is a true tribute to design and matter, able to turn the garage closure into an original and characteristic furnishing element. The galvanized steel panels are dressed with slate effect finishes, stone mosaics and real sandstone coatings, for custom-made creations, always different from one another. Handmade models, certified by a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness.