Multifunctional garage


A few simple precautions are all it takes to convert the car garage into an innovative room designed to meet your needs and desires. A makeover that has become very fashionable that allows you to effectively increase the surface area of the house without sacrificing comfort and style.

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to transforming the garage into a versatile and functional living environment.
Among the five most successful interior design trends according to Pinterest Predicts 2022, the restyling of the garage represents a true evolution of the idea of a home, through which to reclaim precious spaces that increase the domestic surface and become flexible to adapt to the different needs of those who live there.

While in the United States basements and garages have been the protagonists of houses for many years, hosting annexes, laundry rooms, gyms and the famous „man caves“ – rooms specifically designed for hobbies – in recent years these spaces traditionally identified as „service“ spaces have seen their potential grow in Europe as well.
Not only has the long pandemic period highlighted the need to find new indoor spaces within the home to work, relax and unwind, but it has also emphasized the need to have larger and more outdoor-oriented spaces, increasingly integrated into domestic life.

But what are the must-haves to keep in mind when renovating the garage in order to fully exploit its potential? Before defining its design and furnishings, it is necessary to make the garage a safe, healthy and comfortable place.


Space with clean air and natural light

The livability of any space is linked to the possibility of benefiting from windows that allow for air circulation and the entry of natural light. Finding these elements already present in the structure of the garage can be difficult, while creating them later is often costly or even impractical due to the configuration of the garage or its structural characteristics.

A simple and functional solution is to use the garage opening itself to ensure the best natural light and ventilation conditions, with the installation of a sectional door with large skylights or glazed sections and air circulation devices.
In fact, the first can be positioned on the panels in a personalized way to create real windows, even with blackout technology for maximum privacy. If the goal is to simulate the effect of a sliding glass wall, it is sufficient to expand the transparent sections to the entire surface of the cover. The advantage is double: not only the solidity of these structures offers greater security and insulation, but the vertical movement also allows the wall to disappear along the ceiling, projecting the space towards the outdoor.

Breda Alu Line Sectional Doors

The lifting of the door also allows the air to circulate, but it is also possible to equip the closure with special devices that activate the motor slide, slightly opening the door when the sensor identifies the need to ventilate the compartment. The panels open wide enough to circulate the air but not to allow people or animals to enter, so you can leave the house peacefully. Finally, when the humidity level decreases, the closing movement is automatically activated.


Alu Line is the range of Breda aluminum sectional doors, designed to welcome the maximum amount of natural light. The Lux, Luxor and Full Vision models are equipped with large transparent sections that can be placed at will or on the entire width of the door, turning the garage into a bright and functional space. And to improve its functionality, all Alu Line closures can be equipped with practical options, including the elegant pedestrian doors that facilitate transit.


The ideal temperature in every season and low consumption

Equally important for comfort, as well as energy performance, is the insulation of the environment. Together with thermal insulation, false ceilings and wall insulation, the windows – and therefore the door – must also be able to withstand excess heat and cold, and against annoying infiltrations.

Sectional steel closures are the most suitable option as they offer excellent insulation performance and can be integrated with custom fittings that increase the thickness of the cover, optimizing the thermal transmittance coefficient accordingly.
Perimeter seals also prevent the entry of drafts and rainwater, effectively sealing the entrance to the garage.
Benefitting from this is not only thermal comfort, but also acoustic comfort, as the cover and seals contribute to absorbing noises, making the environment quiet and welcoming.


The best performance for thermal and acoustic insulation is guaranteed by the Frost fitting, designed for Breda sectional doors in the Domus Line and Steel Line range. The insulation system consists of insulated galvanized steel panels, with a special internal coating of the cover, 68 or 83 millimeters thick, while protection from drafts and infiltrations is ensured by the front double lip and single lateral lip seals, which can also be integrated on previously installed doors.
With this double action, the 68 millimeter cover guarantees a thermal transmittance coefficient of 2.65 W/m2°K and an acoustic absorption of 23 dB. In the case of the 83 millimeter fitting, the coefficients become 2.22 W/m2°K for thermal insulation and 24 dB for acoustic insulation.
But Frost also guarantees wind resistance of Class 3 and water resistance of Class 0, as well as air permeability of Class 2.


Exclusive access garage, thanks to security systems

No less important for enjoying the renovated car garage is security, especially against intrusions and thefts. With their solidity and advanced protection systems, sectional closures show all their efficiency in safeguarding the spaces inside the garage, preventing the entry of unauthorized people, also thanks to the possibility of operating the opening of the panels with a code to be typed on the numeric keypad or directly with your own fingerprint.

Finally, if there are pedestrian doors, accessories such as fortified and anti-theft locks are essential to best protect the compartment and the house.


Breda sectional doors have the most innovative plug-ins that increase their security and effectiveness. Like Lock, the anti-burglary magnetic lock that, in case of attempted opening, locks the door panels with a counterforce of 300 kilograms, and Buzzer, the alarm signaler that emits a loud sound signal to discourage malicious intent.
Not only that, for pedestrian doors, Breda has created a system of four-point locking locks (one traditional and three rotary) that can be activated with a simple gesture to securely store the contents of the garage.