Night Light


Outdoor lighting plays a central role in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a building. Not only in the garden and along the paths, but especially when combined with doors, fixtures and – of course – to the garage

Simple and elegant, outdoor lighting is a really effective tool to enhance the facade of a building and its garden, simply emphasizing some details with the most suitable light.
True must of contemporary design and the most sought after villas, lighting systems today can count on a LED technology that offers a double advantage: the certainty of minimizing the environmental impact of your home, thanks to limited energy consumption, but also the possibility to benefit from dimmable lights and custom RGB colors.

So easy to recreate the desired atmosphere at any time. The most advanced systems in fact enjoy a home automation control that allows you to adjust the intensity, colors, but also the time of switching on and off, through a single device and in a completely customized way.
The scenic effect is within reach of a gesture, but with the due design upstream, during which to identify the points to illuminate to get the right perspective, aesthetics more in line with the style of the house, but also increased comfort.
In terms of light, in fact, it is not only the allure to count, to benefit from it is also the use of spaces and their safety, especially when combined with external entrances and paths.

The „must“ of lighting

Aesthetics are combined with functionality in lighting systems designed to emphasize paths and walkways that lead from the garden to the entrance of the house or garage. Elegant street lamps or floor spotlights are among the most effective and appreciated solutions, because they allow you to illuminate each path in a refined way, and – in the most advanced versions – can count on solar energy innovation and automatic activation at sunset or the passage of people and vehicles. A perfect way to ensure even more security in case of intrusions.

Equally important are the outdoor lights to be placed on the building, near the main and secondary entrance doors, the garage and – in some cases – the windows. This type of lighting, in addition to enhancing the lines of the property also offers an advantage in terms of practicality: just think of all the times that, in the evening, you are looking for the right key to open the door of the house. Even in the vicinity of the garage, the insertion of external lighting facilitates parking manoeuvres and makes access safer, which always remains illuminated (and therefore visible) discourages any attempts at breaking and entering.
In this case, depending on the preferences and style of the building, you can make use of outdoor wall sconces, wall lamps, or strips of LED essential design.


Emotional Light is the lighting designed by Breda that „lights“ the profile of the door with LEDs modulated in intensity and nuances. To be placed on the entire perimeter of the closure, or only on the upper bar or the side bars, the colored LED bands enhance the made in Italy design of Breda doors and illuminate the entrance to the garage in the evening hours, using the ignition with remote control, timer or twilight sensor. The „minimal“ aesthetic is assured, as Emotional Light can also act as a flashing and courtesy light.


Details that make a difference

Outside, small luminous inserts, such as table lamps or floor lamps, chains of lights and spotlights, can improve the liveability of the garden, making it cozy even in the evening, especially near environments such as living rooms and outdoor dining rooms.
Just the details are fundamental in the design of the light and to prove it are spots and spotlights to be placed and hidden inside the vegetation, to give an absolutely spectacular effect to the dehors.
Similarly, well-positioned light points can also enhance pools and ponds, verandas, walls and even the garage door.


Even the silhouette of the iconic Breda handle can be backlit with the evocative Emotional Light, to achieve a coordinated and elegant effect. The aesthetic performance is impeccable, because this accessory can be installed on new or existing doors, through a special system patented by Breda that does not require the use of visible cables. The same is then activated by a spring switch, which automatically turns off the light during the lifting or lowering of the panels and does not require additional power systems.