Sectional doors with biometric system, #madeto… Open up quickly


Sectional doors that save time

Often our days are particularly hectic and very demanding and the time to be able to do everything, even trying to have some spare time, seems to be very little. For this reason we always try to optimize the time available, do not lose precious minutes.

How many times have we said or heard: “I wish the days were longer”? Also in this case Breda has studied a solution to be applied to its doors, perfect to save time: it is the fingerprint reader, made to open up quickly.

Convenience and functionality with the biometric reader

Raise your hand to those who have never been able to find the house keys when they are needed. They try desperately but nothing, they begin to think where they could be finished, maybe forgotten in the office or lost. If, as we hope, they finally find themselves, the result is that the relief mixes with the thought of lost time to look for them. Time that could have been used differently.

For this purpose Breda, with its Research & Development department, has created a wireless biometric fingerprint system thanks to which the keys can be safely forgotten, because entering home has never been so simple. A small pressure with the fingers on the appropriate reader is enough and, thanks to the recognition, the garage door opens in a flash. A simple touch and that’s it.

A real revolution in motorized opening systems, which, to the already known advantages of maximum security and attractive design that characterize the Breda doors, also adds extreme comfort and functionality, greatly simplifying the lives of people, who can finally avoid having to bring with him the keys to enter the house. One thought less and more space in the bags or in the pockets.

Reliability and aesthetics in one touch

The technology studied by Breda works by means of a biometric detector via radio for the recognition of fingerprints. It is possible to record up to eighty different ones but at the same time preventing the activation of improper signs.

In addition, the wireless biometric sensor also has four channels to manage the interior lights and the entrance gates of the home, thanks to a signal transmission range that can reach up to 50 meters away. A precious ally for the management of the entire house.

Comfort and time savings are assured, but Breda also thought of aesthetics: the device, in fact, is characterized by a minimal design, ideal for adapting itself to all the contexts. Being then small and without switches or buttons it is also very discreet.

The position of the battery has been carefully chosen to withstand any type of weather. Maximum attention has also been paid to the energy consumption that is really limited, thanks to the use of a battery saving system.

Automation and flowability

The biometric fingerprint system can be installed on all the motorized doors designed by Breda. Residential doors that ensure extreme silence and maximum protection for the whole family thanks to the safety photocell that blocks the door as soon as something passes under it during closing, thus protecting people and animals but also any objects forgotten on the ground.

Automation therefore, but also extreme flowability: the engine, in fact, is installed directly on the ceiling of the garage, whatever its structural type, making it even easier and more comfortable to use and requiring a very limited lateral space, so you can make greater use of garage’s internal area.

Optimized spaces and simplified life become a certainty.