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For each of us, the house is one of the most important assets. It represents us, expresses our tastes, our lifestyle, our habits. It is here that we preserve all our affections and the things that have greater value for us. It is our most intimate space, where we take refuge and we want to feel protected and always safe.

This is an aspect that Breda particularly cares about, so it invests many resources in the design and implementation of solutions able to guarantee top performance in terms of security and efficiency.

Breda’s Research & Development department employs a team of expert professionals who are always working to identify the most advanced technologies and the best technical devices to dissuade and counter any attempt to break in.


The bad guys will stay away

Breda offers a complete range of possibilities that respond perfectly to any protection requirement and make every Breda sectional door a reliable and secure door.

For example, it is possible to increase the robustness and anti-burglary effectiveness of your Breda sectional door with the new Lock and Buzzer devices to be combined with SLB motors.

These are two innovative systems that, installed together or individually, prevent attempts at forcing and guarantee the safety of houses and factories.
Lock is an anti-burglar lock which, in case of attempted forced opening, blocks the panels of the door, applying a counter-pressure of 300 kg. Thus, opening the door becomes practically impossible.

Even with the installation of Buzzer you can be really relaxed. It is an alarm signalling device capable of recognizing the break-in attempts that signals a strong sound in order to deter the bad guys.


Breda sectional doors, strong, safe and always more beautiful

With Breda, who choose the practicality of the pedestrian door can get good night’s sleep. In fact, to increase the solidity of this comfort option, which allows fast entry and exit of people and things, Breda designed the lock with four locking points. This effective accessory is made up of three revolving hook latches, which are added to the traditional bolt. A simple action on the pedestrian door handle is enough to activate the entire system of hooks that are fixed in the door panels, considerably increasing the solidity, strength and adherence of the closure. Equally simple and fast is the gesture to deactivate the system: just a slight pressure on the handle and the release is immediate. Safety and aesthetics thank, in fact, the system that operates the closure is completely invisible and perfectly integrated inside the door. There is safety – all right – but it is not seen.


Breda also ensures aesthetics

Always about aesthetics, and invisible but infallible solutions, we mention the latest Breda product, which combines maximum safety with perfect simplicity. It is the innovative hidden hinge, thanks to which the hinges pivots are wholly contained inside the panels.
No more elements at sight, but a perfectly homogeneous area, enriched by the thin profile of the pedestrian door which becomes a polished graphic element with great functionality and solidity.

Not only refined aesthetics but also maximum safety. In fact, with this device the pivots disappear. An important detail, if we consider that the lack of these elements definitely decreases the forcing prospects.

Beautiful, solid, safe, all made in Italy and technologically always at the forefront. # made to be practically perfect. These are Breda sectional doors.

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