Doors with pedestrian door, #madeto… Make life easier

Breda doors, made to make life easier

The importance of simplicity

Beauty, quality, safety are all very important aspects in a product but as much as essential is the comfort of its use. Comfort in spaces but also in use. As design teaches, objects must be studied and constructed in such a way as to be functional and easy to use, they must, in fact, make the life easier for users. Simplify as much as possible.

For the #MadeTo series we talked about durability and convenience and savings, today, however, we face the Breda products designed primarily to facilitate people’s lives.

The pedestrian door with lowered threshold, comfort and immediacy

If we talk about Breda products made to simplify life, the thought goes immediately to the pedestrian door with lowered threshold, a much appreciated innovation that allows the rapid and easy transit of people, bikes or scooters outside and inside the garage, without having to wait the complete opening of the door, in the residential area. Even in the industrial one, however, it can be used in presence of security doors.

The lowered threshold, moreover, is an extremely functional solution that constitutes a walkable surface, able to combine quality, safety and elegance. The absence, therefore, of the threshold eliminates the risk for adults and children to stumble. Furthermore, if the pedestrian door is not perfectly closed, the microswitch of the Breda doors blocks the door itself to avoid unusual openings.

Stability and safety with the four-closing point lock

The comfort and tranquillity that the pedestrian door reserves are undisputed, but it is added to the need to have, at the same time, greater stability and safety. For this reason, the Breda Research & Development department studied a four-closing point lock specifically for sectional doors with an inserted pedestrian door.

This lock is made up of a traditional bolt, to which are added three rotating hook-type bolts arranged along the whole height. A slight pressure on the door handle is enough to activate the entire system and make sure that the hooks are fixed in the door panels. With a single gesture, therefore, increased the strength and robustness of the closure, which becomes more resistant even in the case of attempted intrusion. Performing the same action on the handle but in the opposite direction, however, provides immediate release.

With the use of the four-closing point lock, the appearance of the pedestrian door also improves considerably because the system that acts as a closure is perfectly integrated inside the door and therefore completely invisible.

Aesthetics at the top with hidden hinges

Another option of the pedestrian door created to simplify the lives of people is the hidden hinge, which facilitates the passage without having to wait for the complete opening of the sectional door. Moreover, in the hidden mode, the hinge becomes invisible for an aesthetic impact to the top. To make it possible, a state-of-the-art solution has been studied to improve door efficiency and resistance: a special containment system, thanks to which the pivot of hinges is contained inside the panels.

Therefore, there are no visible elements but only a perfectly homogeneous surface enriched by the thin profile of the pedestrian door. A notable aesthetic advantage to which safety is added. In fact, the pins are usually the elements on which the break-in attempts are most concentrated. Consequently, their absence reduces the possibility of forcing the wing.

The pedestrian door that isolates but unites

In addition to all the features we have talked about, the pedestrian door of Breda also boasts excellent thermal stability thanks to the many seals and the possibility of not having to open the entire door if necessary, limiting the entry of air cold during the winter.

A pedestrian door that thermally insulates, therefore, but at the same time combines because going from inside to outside becomes simple and extremely comfortable and immediate. So, you can come and go from the house to the garden as often as you want, without having to wait for the door opening. The two environments become almost one, given the ease of moving from one to another in complete safety and tranquillity.