Greetings for an oval Easter

Buona Pasqua 2018 da Breda!

Form and function in the design of an egg

Time for celebration and good wishes but before saying goodbye we want to dedicate a thought to one of the main symbols of Easter: the egg. Whether it is chocolate or chicken, whether it is boiled to serve on the table or simply the shape of a house in which a Breda door is installed, its shape is unique and inimitable.

So much so that even the great Italian designer and artist Bruno Munari has praised the shape defining it perfect, bringing the egg to a beautiful design object, able to combine the structure with functionality. Just as happens with the sectional doors of Breda, who always try to combine aesthetics and practicality, making themselves discreet or obvious depending on the needs.

Thus the form binds to the function of the object itself. In fact, this is the true essence of design: a design studied in the minimum terms to complete a specific activity. Everything is then expressed in an article that, at the same time, also satisfies the aesthetic taste.

The same thing also happens in the Breda products, which are designed and manufactured different from the other by the Research & Development section to meet all the various architectural, structural and safety requirements that the customer has for his project.

The doors breda like the shell of an egg

The egg is protected by a shell that keeps it intact and protected until the time of effective use – or, in the case of chicks, until the time when it is perfectly formed. So even the doors of a house are real protections for its inhabitants.

In Breda’s realizations, in fact, the design integrates perfectly with maximum security: the doors, all 100% made in Italy, are a guarantee of solidity and protection, able to give tranquillity to those who live in the building.

All of the company’s doors already include several safety systems as standard equipment, which can then be integrated with additional options (such as anti-burglar devices combined with SLB motors: Lock, magnetic block that stops the door with a force of 300 kg, and Buzzer, an alarm that recognizes any attempted violation). All this is the result of a production process that focuses on quality in all areas of processing. Nothing is left to chance and once again tests are carried out to verify the functioning of each piece.

Decoration and customization in eggs and doors

A typical practice of Easter holidays that all children have done is to decorate the eggs. Brush in hand, a paint colour swatches and go-ahead to the imagination. The result may not have always been the most precise and perfect but the fun was guaranteed.

Space for creativity also with Breda sectional doors, which allow great customization in the selection of finishes. In fact, not only at Easter, but throughout the year, the customer can choose from a wide range of colours that most meets his tastes and desires.

As with eggs, even the possible decorations on industrial or garage doors are able to adapt to the context in which they are inserted, ranging between materials and nuances. They range from smooth dyes to stuccos, from Wood-Like to Corten and micaceous finishes, all available in different colours.

Happy Easter

And now that you too will want to decorate eggs, there is nothing left for you to do: be it an outdoor picnic or a garage party well protected by a Breda door, we wish you a happy Easter!

The company will be closed for a few days starting tomorrow. We take the opportunity to recharge your batteries a bit and come back to you even more loaded and ready to develop new ideas and surprises.

See you on Tuesday April 3rd!