Garage restyling


When renovating the spaces in your home, the garage can also make a difference in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and style. Incentives and « smart » solutions allow you to intervene on your sectional closure, prioritizing quality and optimizing the time and cost of the investment.

Difficulties caused by the price and availability of raw materials have not stopped the rapid recovery of the construction market after the forced stop due to the health emergency.
According to the latest conjunctural observatory presented by ANCE (National Association of Building Contractors), in 2021 alone, the sector recorded an increase in investments of 16.4%, contributing 6.4% to national GDP growth.

The most encouraging data was seen first and foremost in investments for the redevelopment of residential properties: a turnover of around 55 billion euros, driven by the positive effects of state incentives – and the resulting credit transfer tools – which have, not surprisingly, stimulated demand for estimates for the renovation of the house’s envelope, heating systems, and windows and doors.

Renovation is indeed the most popular option for those who are about to buy a house, with a ratio of 83 to 17, respectively, for the choice of an existing home and the construction of a new building, according to Istat data (updated in December 2021).

In this favorable scenario, the construction intervention becomes a double opportunity to enhance the house both in terms of energy performance – and therefore sustainability – and in terms of design, which is even more elegant, functional, and durable.
Therefore, it is essential to choose truly effective design solutions, even when it comes to a new door for the garage environment.

Thermal insulation, starting with the garage

Renovation and energy efficiency have become an inseparable combination in recent years, linked to the theme of state bonuses that allow access to tax deductions equal to up to 110% of the investment made for those interventions that allow the building to improve its energy class by at least two categories or to reach the highest possible category.

The replacement of garage doors, combined with a leading intervention such as the creation of a thermal coat and the installation of centralized heating systems, can contribute to achieving these goals, improving overall management of household consumption and, consequently, reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

Insulated doors allow you to optimize the insulation of the garage, but also of the house itself, in the event that the two environments are adjacent. Not only that, steel doors can be made even more efficient thanks to fittings that increase the thickness of the coat and seal the profile, further reducing thermal dispersion.


Solid, secure and resistant, the sectional doors of Domus Line Breda are made with galvanized steel panels that ensure the garage an excellent thermal insulation. Eight different models that perfectly adapt to the needs of every house and that can be equipped with the special Frost insulating fitting, composed of a thick coat of 68 or 83 millimeters and perimeter seals with double front lip and single lateral lip for maximum insulation performance.


Coherent or contrasting style to enhance the design of the house

Whether you opt for a conservative restoration or a complete overhaul of the look of the house, the garage door can easily be used as a design detail, functional in creating stylistic coherence, or as a breaking element that characterizes the domestic envelope with originality.

Even houses with a more classic appearance and subject to specific landscape constraints can find their ideal solution without sacrificing technology, comfort and sustainability, thanks to advanced and customizable sectional doors that allow you to customize every detail of the closure according to your needs.
Among these, wood doors offer insulation, elegant style and home automation that simplifies and makes their use safe. An option that also looks at environmental respect, thanks to the use of a renewable and perfectly circular material.

If instead the request is for a unique and original garage door, steel doors offer the highest resistance performance over time and provide a wide range of custom fittings: from RAL colors to material finishes, up to fully customized coats with precious designs and materials.


From classic to contemporary without ever going wrong. Breda’s wood doors are synonymous with timeless refinement, thanks to a made-in-Italy design tailored to perfectly match any home.
Made with Okume marine wood, the panels are worked with great attention to detail using only natural products and water-based paints. A sustainable and high impact solution that makes the door the protagonist of every domestic facade.


Smart renovation, low cost and low impact

And in terms of aesthetic renovations, there are truly intelligent solutions that allow you to save on time, cost, and materials, as well as being low impact alternatives.
For some models of sectional doors, it is in fact possible to replace only the old coat, preserving the sliding system, the motor, the automation, and the structure of the original model.

This option is ideal when the panels of your sectional door start to show signs of wear or when you want to change the configuration or functional and aesthetic fitting of your garage door. An advantage in terms of time but also, and above all, of investment.


Designed to last a long time, Breda doors can be easily renewed in appearance thanks to the Coat Change option, which allows you to equip yourself with new panels, accessories, and configurations, while maintaining the existing structure of the door. The result is an impeccable closure that does not require further structural interventions and masonry operations for its installation.