The new trends in the retail World


The way of purchasing is changing and, with it, the requirements for successful commercial spaces, which are becoming increasingly dynamic, appealing and designed to give customers a real experience.
To make the best use of the available environments, the most effective design solutions are those that are able to surprise with versatility, technology and communication potential.

Shop windows, showrooms and dealerships influence 24% of consumers’ purchase decisions, representing one of the main resources for the retail sector. This was revealed by a recent study conducted by the US company NPD Group Research, one of the largest in the world in terms of market research.

Therefore, even in an era dominated by online purchases, the physical store plays a central role in corporate communication, the brand’s image and the promotion of individual products. This importance increases exponentially for sectors where e-commerce is not yet widely diffused or is difficult to implement, such as automotive or furniture, for which a visit to the showroom is often a must.

Therefore, if the correct design of commercial environments is able to stimulate sales, every internal and external element of the store must be carefully cared for according to the specific needs of the company and with an eye to the new trends and expectations of the customer.
Today, the most successful solutions are those that allow you to organize your exhibition in a dynamic and multidimensional way, but also consistent with the identity of the brand and attentive to the use of light, to best enhance visibility, spaces and products. Goals to be achieved by designing outside traditional schemes and exploiting the functionality and technology of elements such as sectional doors, for unprecedented and strong impact.

Immersive and disappearing shop windows

Having a large, visible exhibition space from the outside and pleasant lighting inside the store are the main benefits provided by shop windows. If these also offer the possibility of being opened as needed, then many new potential uses also open up.

In the case of car dealerships, the choice of a mobile showcase is ideal for allowing the movement of vehicles in a simple and fast way; but those businesses that involve direct street sales – such as bars, ice cream parlors and newsstands – or that want to expand access to the store, to encourage customer entry and manage large flows of people, also benefit.
Similarly, premises equipped with seating areas find that opening showcases are an excellent solution for allowing guests to sit outside during the warm season.

To fully develop the versatility of your storefront, a practical and original option is to use a glazed sectional door. Unlike classic sliding walls, the sectional door literally disappears along the often unused space of the ceiling, providing a personalized and manageable opening via remote control.
Not only that, these closures also ensure greater thermal insulation and security, thanks to a solid and insulated structure, which can be integrated with specific anti-burglary systems.


Elegant and bright, Alu Line Breda closures are made with an aluminum structure and large transparent sections that allow light to filter through. Customizable in detail, they have a wide range of optional features such as pedestrian doors, dark or iridescent glass, perimeter LED lighting and state-of-the-art automation. Among these are also the Lock and Buzzer security systems, which in case of attempted intrusion, prevent the door from being lifted by applying a counter push of 300 kilograms and emitting a high-power alarm signal that reaches 94 decibels.


The showroom becomes interactive

The technological and dynamic nature of sectional doors makes them particularly effective for setting up interactive and experiential areas as well.
In fact, the vertical movement of the closures allows you to modulate the configuration of the environment at will, creating and eliminating walls depending on the needs of space use, which is always optimized in this way. The panels can also be made with original material finishes, designs and textures that allow you to recreate custom scenarios, where you can set and highlight your products. An innovative and absolutely scenic option, ideal for showrooms, fair stands and creative installations.


From a door to a real work of art. What makes this possible are the Le Perle Breda closures: unique and designer models, through which you can shape your imagination. Wood, metals, sandstone and slate are just some of the finishes that make up the mantle of these incredible doors. With the Resin Jewels models, painted and artistic compositions take shape between the resin panels, but there are also mosaics in the Stone Jewels range or elegant fabric coverings and tailored work in the Textile Jewels line.


Doors coordinated with corporate style

To create recognizable sales points and coherent with the brand’s image, every detail is important: from the furniture to the style of the building, to the choice of colors.
Therefore, the customization of doors and loading points is also a significant element for car dealerships, garages, supermarkets, but also stores and showrooms with warehouses.

In these cases, the choice of the right sectional or book closure not only makes it easier to work, making it faster, comfortable and safe, but also enhances the aesthetics of the commercial establishment, with a customized solution, in line with the brand’s style and perfectly integrated into the architectural context.


For a truly custom project, Breda offers the opportunity to dye the aluminum and steel mantle of the doors with any desired RAL color, but also with elegant mica and satin colors. The always impeccable and long-lasting painting is done with great attention to the environment, minimizing waste, emissions and the use of polluting products as much as possible.