Purchasing a garage door is a significant investment for the security and functionality of one’s home. In addition to choosing the door itself, it is crucial to also consider the accessories and safety features that accompany it. In this article, we will explore the importance of carefully selecting accessories and safety measures when opting for a Breda garage door, a leader in the field for reliability and quality.

Quality of Materials and Design of Accessories

Accessories for a garage door are not just simple complements, but essential components that influence the durability and performance of the door itself. Opting for high-quality accessories ensures greater resistance to wear and better functionality over time. Moreover, the design of the accessories should integrate harmoniously with the overall style of the home, contributing to enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Automation and Technology

The automation of the garage door is an option that offers additional convenience and security. Accessories like motors for automatic opening and closing, safety sensors, and remote controls allow for a more comfortable and secure use of the door. It is essential to select accessories equipped with the latest technologies available on the market to ensure optimal performance and greater peace of mind.

A Soft and Elegant Light Illuminates Your Door

Make room for lighting with the Emotional Light LED kit, adjustable in color and intensity, which frames the home garage with soft and suggestive lights.

Breda Motorizations, Safety and Aesthetics Always Come First

Ultra Motion, designed to improve the performance and comfort of use of the doors, thanks to integrated WiFi.
Excellent anti-burglary effectiveness thanks to devices combined with SLB motors. Aesthetics and functionality at the highest levels with SOON and SPY motors.

Safety Systems for Breda Closures

Created to fully ensure the safety of users, Breda doors are designed in full compliance with all current regulations. Safety is no joke: trust a certified manufacturer.
When it comes to a garage door, safety is an absolute priority. Accessories such as advanced locks, anti-burglary security systems, and additional locking devices help protect the home and its occupants from unwanted intrusions. Investing in reliable safety accessories is a crucial step in ensuring peace of mind and protection of one’s property.

External Design

Flat, Single, Multi, Cassettato, or the brand new Multi Rib? The choice is yours

Breda sectional doors are made of Secur-Pan panels measuring 495 and 615 by 42mm thick, composed of two opposed sendzmir galvanized steel sheets, male and female profiled with a patented anti-pinch shape.

Handles and Portholes

The Urban Style accessories become protagonists

A new look for the distinctive Breda accessories. The classic B-shaped handles and matching portholes take on an even more contemporary and urban style thanks to three unprecedented coatings.

Glass Sections

Visa Configuration, Light and Ventilation in Domus Line Closures

Sometimes, all it takes to expand a space is a bit of light: with Breda’s glass sections, customizable in style and infill material, natural lighting is readily provided.

Pedestrian Door

Stop&Go Configuration, a magical door slides with the garage door

Security lock, lowered threshold, and concealed hinges: practicality and safety are our priorities.
Discover all the benefits of the pedestrian door integrated into the sectional door curtain.

Thermal Insulation

Frost, insulation at the highest levels for your sectional door

From Breda’s Research & Development department comes the new setup for residential and industrial sectional doors with high thermal insulation.
A revolutionary solution to meet the most diverse closure needs.

Maintenance and Support

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the correct functioning and longevity of the garage door and its accessories. Choosing accessories that are easy to maintain and equipped with adequate post-sale support can minimize costs and inconveniences related to maintenance over time. Before purchasing, it is important to inquire about the availability of support services and spare parts to ensure effective management of any maintenance needs.


Choosing the right accessories and security measures when purchasing a Breda garage door is an investment that goes beyond the mere functionality of the door itself. Quality accessories, advanced automation, effective security measures, and proper maintenance are all key elements to ensure the safety, convenience, and durability of your garage door. Taking care of these aspects during the purchasing process is crucial to ensure long-term peace of mind and satisfaction.


Domus Line is the product range where materials, colours and components well combine with the manufacturing technology which always hallmarks the quality of Breda products.

Eight models which meet all requirements for finishing, adaptability, size and aesthetic.