Breda sectional doors, #madeto… Enrich your house

Breda sectional doors, made to enrich your house

Style and personality for every home

As well as the way of dressing, even the way we decorate the house is an expression of our personality. The colour combinations we choose, the style we prefer, every detail tells how we are made and what we like.

Even the choices we make for the exterior of our homes say a lot about us and thanks to Breda sectional doors for residential use, it is possible to give a unique touch to the house. Whether the building presents the essentiality of contemporary lines, or the refinement of the architecture of the past, with Breda you can always count on the ideal door that, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, will also guarantee maximum efficiency, solidity and durability in the time.

The sectional door is just as you want it

If you are looking for a very special sectional door, Le Perle collection by Breda is just what you need for safety and high performance as well as for aesthetics and design.

A revolutionary line with models that are masterpieces of style and creativity, made to enrich the exterior of homes with a unique element and fully express the personality of those who live there, without sacrificing technology, reliability and robustness which are the essential and certain characteristics of Breda production.

Infinite models, all unique, to express their personality

Thanks to the Le Perle collection by Breda, the door of the house becomes an authentic piece of design. The ideal solution for the car-box; each model can also be reinterpreted and used to create original partitions that fit perfectly in every context, at home as well as in public places or showrooms.

And the choice is wide: there is the Metal Jewels collection, in which copper, rusty iron, polished, satin or porcelain steel and inox give surfaces that enrich the house with games of light. The Wooden Jewels line proposes the warmth of natural wood in different versions with Murrina glasses, wooden composite in wood like, dark grey, anthracite, blue, metalized, anodized and red, brown and green cork.

Creativity without borders with the Textiles Jewels range, which allows you to customize the door panel with fabric, Capitonné leather and natural leather for a special result. And what about the Resins Jewel doors, thanks to which it is possible to capture under resin any element, flowers, leaves, coffee beans, spaghetti, river stones and so on.

Mosaic, marble, stones or bricks are the materials proposed for the Stone Jewels line, characterized by an exclusive material effect, to the eye, as well as to the touch.

SandStone Jewels, the real sandstone sectional doors

Among the many possibilities offered by Breda in the line of Le Perle sectional doors, the most innovative is the SandStone Jewels collection, which embodies all the charm of natural stone for a special aesthetic result. In fact, these special sectional doors are made using an authentic sandstone “skin” of natural origin, which is extracted manually from the quarries. It is a particular “peel” system that allows to obtain thin layers of material, about two millimetres thick, which show the signs of the millennial sediment stratification. A texture that tells the evolution of the earth through the geological eras, fascinating and never equal to itself, unique and unrepeatable.

With the SandStone Jewels collection by Breda, even the colour choice is inimitable: Beach Gold, River Gray, Marble Cream and River Gold and also the original Cemento Flex Rude, which perfectly emulate the materiality of concrete.