Breda doors, all the news of 2018

Portone da Fiera Mini demo Breda

At home Breda, 2018 brings news and technological innovation. Technologically advanced solutions, developed by the tireless team of Research&Development department, which increase the performance of sectional doors and their undisputed qualities of efficiency and safety.

Let’s find out together.

Sliding System SDB

This solution is a variant of SD sliding system with same dimensions, technical features and overall dimensions.

This new sliding system uses a special upper bracket which slides on a double horizontal track, this allows a smoother and less noisy movement compared to the upper scissor bracket, because it does not tilt the panel and hit the bracket during the opening.

Scorrimento SDB per portoni sezionali Scorrimento SDB

New stainless steel windows

To meet the requests coming from the market, we announce the new windows with glass and brushed stainless steel frames. Will be available as accessories on the lines Domus Line, Side Line e Bascu Line.

New Pulling Drive Motor

It consists on a motor 650N produced following Breda specifications with basic functionality. There is a belt track, the motor casing and switchboard are placed on tracks edge. Is complete with n.02 two-channel remote controls and receiver.

The remote controls and receiver have encoding rolling-code with frequency 433.92 MHz.
The motor is with an encoder system that grants a self-learning cycle in order to learn the floor’s closing point and the opening limit switch on the track.

The motor’s programming is made through simple menu directly from the control board. Are available the photocells, flashing light and all the safety ribs, except the Fraba.

New direct drive motor

Now is available a new motor from STA family named STAC. Is equipped with basic functionality that make it fit
with operation ‘’dead-man’’ or semi-automatic with impulse’s opening and closing by pressed button.

This motor differs from the others STA for the integration of control card inside the motor body. Is complete with a push-button with 5 meters of electrical cable with functions Open-Close-Stop.
The motor’s speed re-adjustment is made through practical mechanical limit switch.

New Universal Flashing Lights

We introduce a universal LED flashing light compatible with motors with exit 12V, 24V or 220V. The flashing light can work both in autonomous flashing mode and motor’s flashing.

The flashing lights could be complete with receiver antenna in order to extend the transmitters’ range of action according to the compatible frequencies.

New colorations Persus Special drawings

We decide to add some extra colours for what concern the model Persus Special drawings. Therefore, starting from today, the model Persus Special Drawings will be available also with colours Grey RAL 7016 and Grey RAL 9006.

Merchandising news – Mini Demo Sectional door display

To facilitate the presentation and promotion of our sectional doors, a new compact residential door model has been developed with a self-supporting structure. This structure has been designed to facilitate transport and quick assembly of this door display on showrooms, shopping malls, public spaces, exhibition stands, local markets, etc.

The supporting structure is made of RAL 7016 lacquered steel tube and is equipped with telescopic couplings for a quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

The Mini Demo door display is available in all combinations of colors and finishes of corresponding Domus Line Sirio, Cupis and Persus models with SMB3 sliding system. This model can be equipped with SPY 550 or SLB 650 motors. The control board is fixed to the structure. The standard handle supplied is not removable.

Scorrimento SDB per portoni sezionali Scorrimento SDB