Die neusten Breda Neuheiten

Le Perle Breda, residential doors with high design content

Everyone has their own style… of a door!

There is little to do, whether we like it or not, our style says about us. The clothes we choose to wear, the way we speak or simply the way we relate to other people tell us more than we can believe. At first glance, in fact, like a business card, our style reveals some details about who we are, what we like and we are passionate about.

But what is more interesting than the style, is its being always unique and personal: a set of elements that, if combined, can perfectly reflect our character and our uniqueness.

What better way, then, to fully express our style, if not our home. An environment where every little detail has been chosen by us with great care. From finishes to the furniture, up to the door.

Yes, even the choice of the home is a choice of style, especially if it is a particular model and unique in its kind as happens for the residential doors of the line Le Perle of Breda, whose wide selection of coatings allows give full rein to creativity.

Aesthetics and design made in Italy

If you think of style, beauty and design, you think of Made in Italy. And it is for this reason that Breda has studied a line of hundred percent Italian residential doors, able to better reflect the creativity that distinguishes us in the world.

The quality, safety, silence and technology of Breda residential doors meet, in the Le Perle line, the elegant and refined design of precious coverings, able of evolving the simple concept of ‚car container‘ into a real distinctive element and home furnishings.

Infinite customization possibilities

With the line of residential doors designed by Breda, every home can find the perfect door for its style. Metal Jewels finishes are perfect for homes with a strong character and modern or industrial design, enhanced by the wide range of copper finishes ranging from polished to rusty, to satin or porcelain.

Who focuses on elegance can choose the Sandstone Jewels line, the only residential door created in real sandstone for a refined and fascinating effect. Also of great elegance are the Wooden Jewels models, which give the house that refined warmth typical of wood, embellished with some Murrina details, maybe.

For truly original and creative doors, the Stone Jewels, Resins Jewels and Textiles Jewels lines are instead designed. The first, thanks to stones, bricks, marble and mosaics, allows to create coatings with unique and colourful compositions; Resins Jewels, on the other hand, gives life to the most disparate designs, to be chosen from paintings or compositions of flowers, stones and much more, all perfectly set in a smooth layer of resin. Finally, the Textiles Jewels line offers endless customization possibilities thanks to interchangeable fabrics, quilted leather and natural leather.

New redefinitions of the spaces with Le Perle residential doors

The creativity of Le Perle’s closures does not end with its coatings, but also extends to its methods of use. This line of residential doors, in fact, in addition to giving character and personality to the garage at home, is also perfect for use in the home, as a mobile partition.

The Pearls allow us to forget strict spaces and forced subdivisions of the rooms, creating a house made of living walls, able to move together with the needs of those who live there.

Beyond the domestic sphere, then, Le Perle allow to embellish even commercial or business environments, revolutionizing with class and originality particularly large spaces like those of the showrooms.

Breda certified uniqueness

Each Le Perle residential door is also unique and therefore comes with a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness. This is because, in line with the style of everyone, even the door of the house must be unique and original!