Trends for 2022 Home: furnishing with style, starting from the garage


The trends in housing for 2022 speak of sustainability, color and multifunctional furnishings that transform the concept of home into a fluid and highly personalized environment, where one can cultivate their well-being through precise details and design choices.

An evolution of domestic spaces that responds to the new needs of the lifestyle, thanks to innovative projects, presented last month in Milan on the occasion of Design Week. Among the pavilions of the Supersalone and the installations in the Brera district, the idea of the « house to come » was staged, outlining the essential elements and trends from which to take inspiration to renovate one’s home with a contemporary and fashionable style.

Not just interior design, though: outdoor creations, window solutions, and of course sectional doors, with highly versatile and advanced functionality, also interpret the new frontiers of the residential sector.

Green trend: sustainable living

The sustainability of the new proposals is certainly the leitmotif, with furnishings designed to reduce consumption and emissions, and made using renewable and separable raw materials that allow for the recovery of every component of the product at the end of its life.

Breda also chooses recyclable materials such as wood, steel and aluminum for the panels of its wide range of residential doors, not only for their circular nature, but also for their great durability and resistance to any weather conditions.
All Breda doors are also produced entirely at the company’s headquarters in Sequals (in the province of Pordenone) using clean and self-produced energy, as well as non-toxic and non-polluting materials that protect the environment, as well as the health of employees and customers.

Breda Alu Line Sectional Doors

Space-saving trend: the house becomes flexible

Transformable, multifunctional furnishings that rationalize space according to different usage needs are among the most successful projects, as they allow you to live in the house with lightness and flexibility, in the maximum possible comfort. Places of relaxation and work combine in customizable micro-architectures, while seating and modular or compact solutions play with the available square meters, creating always different compositions.

The open space is also changing, preserving charm and effectiveness, but today seeking a new privacy thanks to movable partition walls. Among the most effective innovations are the sectional doors, which from simple garage closures turn into retractable partition walls, integrating with the architecture of the home and enhancing the style. The Breda « Le Perle » sectional door line is particularly suitable for this purpose, as the cover can be customized with any design or finish, including mosaics and precious fabrics. A truly unique and characterizing wall that disappears along the ceiling at the touch of a button on the remote control.

Trends in shapes and colors: between essential and eccentric

In terms of shapes, on the other hand, a return to the classic is emerging: clean, minimal and contemporary lines that exalt the precision of the detail. As in the case of the Sirio, Ares and Persus doors of the Breda Domus Line, characterized by a modern and essential design that knows how to enhance, with its simplicity and elegance, any installation context.

In the same way, on the color front, bright and enveloping white takes its place at the top of the design podium, but leaves room for chromatic contaminations that, combined with neutral tones, stand out even more inside and outside domestic environments.
For its range of steel and aluminum doors, Breda offers a wide selection of RAL shades, as well as innovative finishes that interact with sunlight: these are iridescent colors and bold shades, such as shimmering purple, pink copper and pearl blue, which give a truly original touch to the garage.

Light trend: natural and artificial, for maximum well-being

Lighting was the real protagonist of the Supersalone 2021, thanks to solutions that exploit natural light or prefer the creative use of lamps and lights integrated into furnishings.
A trend that Breda had already anticipated with its Emotional Light: bands of colored LEDs that light up the profile of the sectional door, also serving as a flashing light and courtesy light for a refined and suggestive aesthetic effect.
The perfect accessory to match residential doors, especially those in the Alu Line range, which have large transparent sections that allow natural light to enter the garage, turning it into an additional room facing the outdoor area, which can be converted according to one’s own desires.

Renew your home with Breda sectional doors

In thinking about the style and functionality of one’s home, taking inspiration from new design trends is an excellent starting point for developing creative and truly tailor-made solutions.
The Breda experts are available to create the customized project most suitable for the needs of every home and in line with the best international design innovations.