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Breda News 2020, for a unique door

The finishes and accessories are the great protagonists of the new collections of sectional doors by Breda, which for 2020 offers an extraordinary range of colours and materials to choose an even more top-quality garage door.
Choices that come from the Breda Research & Development department and that are ready to conquer the most innovative taste of customers.


For each of us, the house is one of the most important assets. It represents us, expresses our tastes, our lifestyle, our habits. It is here that we preserve all our affections and the things that have greater value for us. It is our most intimate space, where we take refuge and we want to feel protected and always safe. This is an aspect that Breda particularly cares about, so it invests many resources in the design and implementation of solutions able to guarantee top performance in terms of safety and efficiency.