Breda acquires Came Go, the Sequals doors increasingly market leaders


SEQUALS (PN), 21st NOVEMBER 2023 – Breda Sistemi Industriali, the historic Italian brand known internationally for its sectional door systems dedicated to the residential and industrial field, has acquired Came GO, a company of the Came Group (Treviso) also active in the garage doors sector. The financial terms of the transaction just undersigned are reserved, while the start of the operation together with the new team is dated 20 November 2023 and is in fact a turnover without interruptions of activity.

There will be no change in the number of employees that will remain so, the staff of the two companies will continue to work in the same respective factories and the sales organization on the inland and abroad will be distinct. Instead, the sign of the acquired company changes, which is now GO Italia.

For Breda Sistemi Industriali, whose headquarters are located in the province of Pordenone a few steps from the newly established GO Italia, this acquisition plays an important role for the competitiveness on the markets as it will allow strategies of integration of productive and executive competences, optimization of the logistic aspects and supplying of the raw materials. Likewise, expanding the potential and presence on the market will be a differentiating factor for the sales force of both brands present in a widespread manner in Italy and abroad. The latter in particular is experiencing constant growth thanks to the technologies and design made in Italy of Breda Sistemi Industriali, a brand that bears the name of its founder and that in the eighties has innovated the sector by presenting the sectional door, a type of garage closure that opens vertically by sliding next to the wall above, in complete safety and accompanied by advanced home automation systems.

Breda Sistemi Industriali: «The acquisition of what is now called GO Italia represents a new step forward for our brand which has always operated in a complex field in which product and service must travel at the same speed. We come from an area committed to this type of production and we are certain that we will be even more incisive in an increasingly competitive and stimulating market for a historic and leading brand such as Breda.».


Company Breda Sistemi Industriali S.p.A. works in both the industrial and residential construction fields with its premises in Sequals (Pordenone – Italy) and is one of the first companies for the Italian and the international market in the production of sectional doors which is an extremely functional product compared to the usual up-and-over garage door. Breda Sistemi Industriali today is the undisputed point of reference of the sector at the national level that represents the majority share of total turnover. The export share in the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa is significant and constantly growing: the latter areas, in strong expansion thanks to a demand for quality and Italian design that Breda meets with competence and service.


Came GO-starting from today GO Italia S.r.l. produces both industrial and residential sectional doors, focusing on Made in Italy that combines attention to detail, design and push to technological innovation. The headquarters of Spilimbergo (Pordenone) houses the offices and the production plant, helping to ensure integrated management, a distinctive element of the brand.

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