Ultra Motion, the first home automation motor by Breda


From today a “tap” on your smartphone is enough to access your home garage. How? Thanks to Ultra Motion, the first garage door motor designed by Breda to make the use of sectional doors even faster, safer and more comfortable.

The garage door “connected” to the house

Compatible with the closures of the Domus Line, Orus Line and Wood Line Breda range, Ultra Motion is equipped with integrated WiFi that connects to the home network, allowing you to manage each automation of your sectional directly via app, installed on Android and IOS devices.
The interface is simple and intuitive: from the screen you can view in real time the status of the garage door, set a percentage of opening, order the lifting or lowering of the panels, as well as the switching on and off of the LED lighting. A solution that uses the most advanced home automation technology to control multiple locks simultaneously and also remotely.
And for those who prefer a more traditional opening system, no problem, Ultra Motion is also available with four-channel remote control automation, wall control or numeric keypad.

Even more powerful, fast and elegant

But the innovation of Ultra Motion does not end here: in addition to technology, the performance and safety of Breda doors have also evolved.
With a power of 800 or 1200 Newton – depending on the desired version – the brand new pulling drive motor allows you to lift and lower the panels with a speed of 25 centimeters per second. Thanks to a slowdown control system and a solid mechanism with belt guides, the movement is always fluid, extremely quiet and absolutely safe; even in the transit phases, during which the emergency stop is controlled by photocell, photobarrier and photoelectric barrier automations.

In the best Breda style, we could not miss a particular attention to aesthetics. All the power and technology of Ultra Motion are in fact contained in a small control unit with an elegant and essential design, perfect to be combined with the most beautiful doors in Italy!

Smart garage renovation with Ultra Motion

Thanks to home automation technology, the house improves in comfort and safety… even in the garage!
For the project of your new sectional door, contact Breda specialized retailers and discover all the details related to compatibility, configurations and advantages of the new Ultra Motion motor.


Ultra Motion is the first Breda brand motor, designed to improve the performance and comfort of using sectional doors.