Breda News 2020, for a unique door

Iridescenti - Scotch Brite portoni Alu Line Breda

The finishes and accessories are the great protagonists of the new collections of sectional doors by Breda, which for 2020 offers an extraordinary range of colours and materials to choose an even more top-quality garage door.
Choices that come from the Breda Research & Development department and that are ready to conquer the most innovative taste of customers.

The new Alu colours. Eight wonders for the exterior of your home

The range of finishes dedicated to Alu Line extends with a range of absolute trend ready to conquer the most refined palates..

From today in fact, Lux, Luxor and Full Vision doors can be customized with eight new colours with a unique finish, which ensures even more brightness and brilliance to the door.


The colours of the Scotch Brite range, from silver to grey to brown and black, are classic and timeless. The “brushed” effect of the finish is obtained through the aluminium oxidation process, subjected to a treatment with special abrasive brushes. Elegant and refined, to see and touch.



Iridescent purple, pink copper and pearly blue are the new iridescent shades by Breda. Iridescent colours able to create, with their reflections, plays of light always different and original. Available the new rusty iron finish.


Emotional Light. A soft and elegant light illuminates your door

To brighten up access to your garage in an elegant and distinctive way, the Breda Research & Development department has devised an innovative and highly customizable solution.

Emotional Light is the lighting composed of bands of coloured LEDs which, integrated with a special perimeter rubber, allow to illuminate the external area of the sectional door in a suffused and suggestive way.

Emotional Light Breda - Led Rosso Emotional Light Breda - Led Verde Emotional Light Breda - Led Giallo Emotional Light Breda - Led Viola Emotional Light Breda - Led Blu

Adjustable in intensity and colours, the LEDs can be installed along the entire perimeter of the closure, or only on the upper bar or on the side bands, so as to highlight, even at night, the space available for the passage of cars.

Not only aesthetics, but also efficiency, as Emotional Light also performs the function of flashing when the door is opened or closed. For timed switch-on, an integration with clock, twilight sensor or movement is also available.

Slate Jewels. The slate protagonist with exceptional textures

The texture of the rock, the nuances of nature and the beauty of a coating in every detail. The range of sectional doors by Le Perle welcomes a new line dedicated to one of the most popular design materials: slate.

Three new finishes perfectly recreate the texture of this raw material, thanks to special fiberglass plates, which after being meticulously treated are applied to the outer panels of the door.
Along with the warm veins of Ariel, Kalahari and Rainforest, Breda has also designed a further coating in concrete like with a brilliant colour: Pearl.

For unique sectional doors, numerous customized variants are also available upon request.


Sandstone Jewels. Real sandstone in just two millimeters

The Sandstone Jewels line by Le Perle is updated with new colour variants, thus completing the chromatic scale, characterized by warm and full tones, of this precious collection of doors in real sandstone.


Portoni in Arenaria - Black Wave

The cutting-edge design of the Breda Research & Development Department has allowed us to bring all the beauty of natural stone and the charm of a living surface into a residential door with impeccable technical and aesthetic qualities.
Thanks to the particular “veneer technique” extraction method it is possible to obtain very thin sandstone sheets which, in just two millimetres, can recreate the millennial charm of this stone.

Wood-Like Ultra Touch with the new colours: Light Oak and Concrete

Wood is a timeless classic that continues to be the protagonist of the Breda collections with lots of warm shades and an incredible ultra-resistant finish that allows you to impeccably simulate natural wood, with its veins, its porosity and its pleasant touch.


The special hot-applied paint allows the Wood-Like Ultra Touch to resist the damage of wear and atmospheric agents, always preserving its beauty intact.
To the Walnut, Golden Oak and Rusty colours, now also Light Oak and Concrete coating are added, specifically designed for the Cupis sectional doors, for the Swing up-and-over doors and the Phenix and Ibis sliding doors.

Inspection windows and Handles, Urban style accessories become protagonists

New look for Breda distinctive accessories. The classic B-shaped handles and the matched inspection windows take on an even more contemporary look and urban style thanks to three new coverings.


Composizione Carbonio - Satin 7016

The Spotted finish, in chrome grey or bronze, perfectly matches the new Ultra Touch Concrete-like finish, or the wooden and wood-like doors.
For minimal closures and Satin colours, Breda has created a dynamic and modern carbon fiber variant, to enrich the door with a creative and character detail.