Breda doors, proof against bad guys (and Halloween mosters)

Niente paura per Halloween, con Breda!

It’s time to go trick or treat

Are you ready for the most ghostly and scary night of the year? If by any chance you forgot it today it’s Halloween and, according to ancient Celtic legends, tonight the boundary between our world and that of the spirits will thin out, allowing the latter to come back among us for a night. To make the atmosphere even more creepy then the moon will think, which after days of bad weather will come back to appear again in the dark clouds.

A perfect scenario for children disguised as scary monsters who, during the evening, will run to knock on the doors of their neighbourhood’s houses, threatening little jokes in exchange for sweets and chocolates. Better, then, to stock up on sweets, but if it were a real monster knocking on the door, it will be necessary to have the safety of a house well protected from any intrusion.

No fear! Breda has thought about it, with a selection of cutting-edge components and technologies that make it possible to make the door always safe and protected from any attempt of forcing.

Lock and Buzzer devices for an even more solid and safety door

To increase the safety of its sectional doors, Breda proposes the new SLB driving motor with three power variations of 600, 800 and 1100 Newton. An extremely functional and silent solution, to which you can combine two very effective anti-burglary devices.

Lock, for example, is the block that can be installed together with the SLB motor, which in case of attempted intrusion blocks the panels of the sectional door, exerting a counter pressure of 300 kilos. In this way, therefore, lifting the door becomes practically impossible.

Buzzer instead is the alarm buzzer, which recognizes attempts to forcing by issuing a high sound power signal, which can reach 94dB, alerting owners and neighbours and dissuading the bad guys.

Customized opening with the wireless biometric system

Simple, comfortable and safe. The opening system with fingerprint signed Breda can be installed, on request, together with any motorized door, allowing you to forget the keys and open the garage door of the house with a simple gesture.

This solution, in fact, in addition to simplifying life, also contributes to the safety of the home, ensuring access only to authorized persons. The wireless detector, which has a signal transmission power that reaches up to 50 meters, can in fact store up to 80 different fingerprints, thus allowing use to the whole family and preventing, at the same time, the opening of the door to improper fingerprints.

Breda four-point lock, a solid but invisible closure

A further accessory that guarantees great comfort when using its own sectional door is the pedestrian door. This fact allows the rapid passage of people and things, without the need to operate the opening and closing of the entire door.

Even in this case, Breda could not neglect the safety of this useful option and has therefore devised a system of four-point locks that would allow an even more solid closure.

In fact, to the traditional closing bolt, three more rotating bolts have been added which, simply by operating the handle, are fixed to the door panels, increasing the adhesion of the closure. Likewise, by lowering the handle it is possible to immediately release the bolts which, being integrated in the door, are completely invisible, for a solution that goes hand in hand with aesthetics and design.

All ready for Halloween

So, that tonight you decide to stay at home or go out to join one of the many planned theme parties, with the Breda sectional doors you can be sure that your home will always be safe from any malicious … the humans or monsters.

Happy Halloween to everyone!