Ready for holidays, but with some wise advice

Portoni Breda sicurezza anche in vacanza!

Happy holidays and happy birthday, Breda!

The long-awaited moment has arrived. August 1st is here and that means only one thing: holidays are upon us! This, however, is an even more special date for Breda. Do you remember why?

Yes, it’s our birthday. On 1 August 1986, in fact, the company opened its doors to many years of work, ideas and great satisfactions. Just when everyone else was starting to pack the bags, ready to enjoy the holidays.

And since, thirty-two years later, in August Breda also takes a period of well-deserved rest, we say goodbye with some advice to follow, to leave your home safe and secure before leaving for the long-awaited holidays.

Departures without worries and returns without surprises with the Breda motorized opening systems

Hotel booked, suitcase closed, documents taken. It only remains to close the home door and then away, towards adventure and relax. The serenity is in fact essential to fully enjoy the journey and by adopting some small tricks, leaving for the holiday without worries will be really easy.

First of all, check that you have not left fresh or expiring food in the fridge, unplug all the plugs from the mains and turn off the gas. Finally, also close the windows and lock the shutters, to avoid possible damages in case of bad weather.

And then, of course, the most important thing: if your home is equipped with a security alarm, activate it and remember to bring the keys with you. If you have chosen a Breda sectional door, however, the risk of being locked out does not arise: with the biometric system with wireless fingerprint the house keys are not needed. Thanks to the recognition of the impression, just a small pressure of the finger on the reader because the door opens instantly.

Another practical solution can be the addition of a numeric keypad, which allows the opening of the sectional door only by authorized persons. A code of your choice allows you to obtain security and comfort in a single proposal.

The home is even safer with the optional for Breda sectional doors

In order to make the house even more protected, Breda has studied some options, for its sectional doors, able to increase the security of the home and let you spend the holidays in total tranquillity. Thanks to the Lock and Buzzer devices applicable to SLB motors, for example, it is possible to increase the robustness of the door, reducing to a minimum the risk of break-ins. Lock, in fact, is a magnetic block that exerts a force corresponding to 300 kg, making the entrance practically impossible to open. Buzzer, on the other hand, is an alarm capable of recognizing any attempts at break-ins and deterring the bad guys with a powerful acoustic signal.

Maximum security is also assured with one of the latest Breda news: SDB sliding system. An innovative solution capable of eliminating the opening and closing noises of the door, resulting, at the same time, even more difficult to lift in case of forcing.

Best wishes for happy holidays!

After all these tricks, you should be ready to go. And we are too.

Crystal clear water beaches, exotic places but also beautiful European capitals, Italian treasures and fresh mountains await us.

So while you let the security and design of Breda doors protect your home, enjoy this rest. Breda will also close from 13 to 24 August, to return even more full of energy and ideas.

See you in September!

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