Breda industrial doors, #madeto help you with your work

At work as well as at home, always the highest quality

When you talk about your home, you always want the best, from every point of view: excellent burglar security, quality made in Italy, refined aesthetics and maximum functionality.

Professionals and entrepreneurs, however, know that these aspects are also fundamental in the professional field, for their company.

To meet all the needs of doors in the industrial and commercial field, Breda offers a full line of doors for companies. Real allies of work, which will bring a touch of practicality to every activity. Solutions that adapt to any environment and are perfect for every field.

Breda industrial doors, allies of savings

Even in the company, installing a Breda door means saving, therefore increasing profits. Imagine how much more space you will have available in your warehouse by installing a Breda sectional door. In fact, Breda industrial sectional doors have a special internal sliding system on guide rails that takes up very little lateral space. Think about it: only about 10 cm for a smooth and fast movement that makes the door slide along the ceiling, whatever the structure of the building. All extra space, usable for storage of additional goods or to move vehicles and equipment with maximum comfort.

And what about saving time? Entrances and exits will be fast and safe, thanks to the power of the engines proposed by Breda, always at the forefront of technology and innovation. There is nothing to say. Breda industrial doors are the perfect ally to maximize any professional business.

360-degree security

In the workplace, all-round security is a primary aspect. That’s why Breda submits its industrial sectional doors to the strictest tests. Thus, each door responds promptly to current safety regulations. Security, however, also means solidity and the ability to resist the passage of time, to bad weather and also to unpleasant attempts at break-ins. All features thanks to which Breda industrial sectional doors stand out clearly in the world of doors.

Also in the company, maximum possibility of customization

Every company, every sector and every activity have different needs and even buildings and warehouses are always different from each other. This is why Breda guarantees maximum customization possibilities for its industrial doors. An added advantage that allows you to always count on the right solution for your work.

Secura and Dock are a perfect example. Diamond points of the Breda offer dedicated to the industrial sector, the Secura and Dock industrial sectional doors allow many possibilities for customization and guarantee maximum efficiency. Sliding systems adaptable at will, possibility of insertion of inspection windows or glazed sections and also of pedestrian doors, an expedient among the most chosen, because it facilitates and makes the transit of people easier and faster, without having to wait for the door to open completely.

For the perfect functionality of the loading points, however, Breda has designed Cargo, the industrial sectional door with very high performance that integrates perfectly with this type of gates and helps to make the activities of loading and unloading of goods safer and more practical.

More light for your company

To take full advantage of natural light, Breda offers the Luxor, Lux and Full Vision glazed versions. The two models of industrial sectional doors that combine efficiency and Breda solidity with refined aesthetics and great visual impact. In these two elegant models, the aluminum of the panels leaves room for acrylic glass, available in the transparent or opaque version, which allows natural light to enter, with a consequent improvement in the environmental impact and a considerable energy saving. Light, elegant and of absolute value, the Luxor, Lux and Full Vision glazed sectional doors are the perfect combination of safety, functionality and aesthetics.