Three styles for three finishes


From the return of smooth and opaque finishes to materials that are inspired by nature, to the most original color notes. Here are the new trends for design finishes. At home, as in the garage

Among the new demands in the field of domestic design, themes related to the protection of the environment and a new well-being to be obtained through the careful ideation of the home spaces emerge strongly. Sustainability, energy saving and comfort in all its forms – from ergonomics to sound absorption, up to climatic and luminous comfort – are now among the aspects that guide not only the technological development, but also that of design trends.

However, an element has remained unchanged: the house to be pleasant must be beautiful, personal and customized… in every detail.
Aesthetics, therefore, also plays its central role, both inside the home and outside where fixtures, doors and garage doors have a decisive influence on the harmony and the best possible expression of the building.

For this autumn-winter, here are three trends not to be missed, all dedicated to the world of finishes.

Neutral and opaque tones for a refined style

Beautiful, comfortable and iconic, neutral tones continue to be a must in interior design, thanks to the ability to stay current and be easily combined to achieve a chic and refined effect.
Starting from white and passing through the scale of beige and gray, up to darker tones, smooth and „nude“ finishes are ideal for giving depth to the environment, playing with simple colour contrasts and thus creating interesting and visually pleasing spaces.

Porta da Garage Breda

Even outside the house, the neutral finishes give the building a minimal and perfectly maintained effect, especially if declined harmoniously on masonry, windows and doors, where the opaque finishes are among the most appreciated, because discreet but at the same time able to stand out for charm and beauty.
The colors to keep an eye on? Dove grey and anthracite grey: elegant, warm and easy to maintain even when used outdoors.


The refined and essential design makes the sectional Persus by Breda the ideal door in any architectural context. Solid and resistant, the panels are insulated and made of pre-painted galvanized steel without embossing. These are available in Flat, Single or Multi versions, and can be embellished with functional accessories, such as glass sections, handles and pedestrian doors. For the finishes the choices are almost unlimited thanks to the RAL colors made to measure, but Persus takes on even greater charm if combined with smooth satin finishes, which enhance the beauty in minimal style.


Comfort and sustainability with „nature-inspired“ furnishings

It’s the natural home that’s trending this winter. Inside and outside, the furniture focuses on „living“ and renewable materials that are characterized by the refinement in terms of design and the important characteristics of environmental sustainability.

Together with the surfaces in stone, slate and marble, rattan and wicker accessories are back to talk about themselves, while for textiles space to textures such as organic cotton and jute.
Wood is once again the protagonist of furniture and accessories, this is also confirmed as a perfect covering for walls, partitions, doors and, of course, gates.

And in this case in addition to the hardest woods, such as the marine Okumé to choose in the preferred shade, You can also opt for innovative solutions that reproduce the materiality of the wood through finishes made ad hoc to increase the durability of the garage closure, without sacrificing style and sustainability.


All the solidity of a steel door, with the warm and timeless beauty of wood. The Simil Legno Ultra Touch coating is a special hot-applied varnish that simulates the sensation of natural wood: the same porosity, the same texture and the same pleasant touch.
An innovative solution because it allows to keep intact the beauty of the surface, which is even more resistant to atmospheric agents, wear and other aggressive media that can deteriorate the aesthetic appearance of any panel. For this reason, Breda has decided to enhance it with a 10-year extended warranty, against corrosion and peeling, valid on the entire range of Ultra Touch panels.


Originality passes from color

It is impossible to talk about home furnishing trends without mentioning the creative flair of the most vibrant colours. If wisely dosed and combined, in fact, these can make the space interesting and personal, revealing the character of the house and its tenants.

In this respect, and also on the theme of sectional doors, you can dare by selecting your favorite color from an almost infinite range of RAL shades, which are reproduced with exceptional intensity and brilliance on galvanized steel and aluminium panels.
For those who want a truly unique closure, you can then combine the fantasy of color to the most sophisticated finishes, which constantly change with the passage of time or with the inclination of the sun.


For the glass doors of its Alu Line, Breda has created an original range of iridescent finishes ranging from bold colors, such as iridescent purple, pearl blue and pink copper. Coatings able to give the stained glass windows and the aluminum structure interesting shimmering reflections that vary with the different inclinations of the light and give great personality to contemporary buildings.