Masterpieces, representing at best the Italian artistic flair, in an unusual field. Le Perle, make your wishes happen.
The innovative collection of sectional doors, made by Breda, it’s not only technology, safety, reliability and minimal overall dimensions. The sectional door of your home becomes an element of furniture and redefines the simple concept of Car-Box. Original one- off solutions, with uncountable possibilities of personalization. Le Perle is the best solution to create dividing walls as well, to organize the internal home space.

Considering that Le Perle are an handcrafted product, technical specifications and the outward appearance may vary according to the available raw materials.

No! It won’t be a door like the ones you have seen outside nice houses. That is not what we were thinking of for you, absolutely not! Breda’s idea is so much more. Take a garage door, by Breda obviously, not a common door, but a sectional door which means advanced technology, reliability and complete silence and with reduced size… Put nothing but advanced technology under the exterior wrapping, then cover it like a tailor, a sculptor or a painter would. The result is Breda “Le Perle”, the idea previously missing from the sectional door range.


Every “Le Perle” door is a unique work of art, provided with a Certificate of Authenticity and Uniqueness.

With “Le Perle”, even a garage door can be unique. Characteristics that make it unmistakable and different from all others. “Le Perle” doors know how to express the personality and style of the those who want to give a personal and individual touch to everything they do, especially when furnishing their own home.

Imagine your house, without rules, conventions and clichés. Imagine it as unique and exclusive, with designs that eliminate strict spatial definitions. Imagine your house in motion, furnished with “living” walls, walls that multiply and amplify the space, depending on your needs, tastes or inspiration.

Walls magically brought to life, giving a new definition to living space. Walls become light thanks to fascinating visual designs, combined with the most individual taste and style, your own! Far from stereotypical, “Le Perle” is the solution that gives you a revolutionary reinvention of your home, taking you to a new living philosophy.

“Le Perle” offers open designs, redefining space and in these pages you will see just a few examples of how a commercial setting can be transformed into an exclusive interior.