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Portone Basculante Coibentato Breda
Swing is BREDA’s new “up and over” door which gathers up all the versatility of a sectional door with unique style and always customizable. Made of durable aluminium structure, Swing is an “up and over” door using counterweights, distinguished by insulated panels that provide a superior thermal insulation if compared to conventional overhead doors. Jambs and upper stationary panels have a small footprint thanks to the presence of modular steel counterweights, which also ensure a noiseless operating. Maximum comfort for entering and exiting the garage, with the possibility to install a pedestrian door, in the same tone of door surface for a functional and elegant result. All BREDA quality and technology of sectional garage doors, now also available on Swing, the newest “flip and over” door on market.
Basculino® revives the mix of technology, aesthetics and functionality that awarded over twenty years of successes of sliding and folding doors signed by BREDA. Therefore our research and development department has created an innovative product. Thus isn’t just a standard door; it’s a product made of insulated panels that provide more safety and protection of external influences.


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