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Folding and sliding gates at Breda, the new fully glazed versions have arrived

Our folding doors models Adone and Apollo, the sliding gates Atlante and the side sectional garage doors Phenix are now also partially or fully glazed version available. Solutions that assure a nice aesthetic effect and are ideal for those who require more light incidence without sacrificing design and safety.

The doors of Adone and Apollo series, folding doors which are suitable for large openings, and the sliding gates of Atlante series can now be manufactured partially glazed with full in the lower part or full glazed. The framework can be completed with glass, stretched sheet or blind panels depending to your needs.

Additionally the horizontal rails can be customized in order to follow the framework of existing windows. A practical solution to assure more light by keeping function and safety requirements intact.

Links: Book Line Breda and side sectional garage doors Phenix .

Download the photos of Fully glazed Breda doors


Sezioni vetrate Full Vision Adone Apollo e Atlante in versione vetrata!

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