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New Corten and Micaceous colours for Breda garage doors!

Since March 31st we offer interesting new „optional colors“ for our garage doors of Domus and Steel LINE, for the side sectional garage doors Phenix and for the Bascu LINE insulated „Up and Over“ doors.

In addition to the Standard colours and to the RAL finishing, we introduce now our Corten lacquering and Micaceous finishing.

Corten lacquering (click here to view picture)

Micaceous finishings in 7 different colour options (click here to view pictures)

Discover all Breda ranges where these finishes can be applied to:


Nuova verniciatura Corten per i portoni Breda Nuove tinte micce per i portoni Breda

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The information here is used purely as a suggestion and Breda reserves the unappealable right to change it at anytime. The colours represented here are used purely as a suggestion.